Dental Implant Surgery is Not as Scary as It Seems

Dental Implant Surgery is Not as Scary as It Seems

The common fears

Having an implant fitted is not the big, scary operation that most people think it is.

When people hear the word ‘surgery’, they think of being put to sleep on an operating table for hours for a highly complex and dangerous procedure.

That is untrue.

Some dental surgeries will give patients local or general anaesthesia to sleep for the operation.

The type of anaesthesia will be given depending on the length and possible pain felt during the procedure.

However, just because you are put to sleep during dental implant surgery, it doesn’t mean it is dangerous.


Types of dental implants

When deciding what implant is right for you, there are many options you can choose from:

What to expect during the procedure

While every dental practice is different and may do the procedure in slightly different ways, there are still things that the average dental clinic will do during the procedure.

A hole will be drawn into your jawbone after you are given anaesthesia (try not to worry, the feeling is similar to having a cavity drilled)

An implant will be inserted into your jawbone – this is so it acts as an artificial tooth rot

If there is a lack of bone present, you may be given an artificial bone material placed before the implant is inserted

An abutment will be placed, and the jawbone will need to wait to be fused with the implant and heal successfully.

Once everything is healed, you will be invited back by your dentist to have a crown attached to the abutment.

Then… everything is done!

patient receiving dental implants

The results to expect

After you have gotten your new dental implant, you can expect to see new results once the implants are in place.

Dental implants provide noticeable results regarding someone’s smile and oral hygiene.

Instead of not noticing their results within the first six months, some implants such as All-on-Four can provide same-day implant results that make many customers happy.

The results that each patient gets depend on the clinic they go to and the dentist that operates.

After the procedure

Once the procedure is over, you may feel a little bit of pain during the first twenty-four hours.

That is nothing to worry about and is a common side effect of general anaesthetic.

It is recommended that a friend or family member drives you home as you will be unable to drive.

Patients can expect to feel a little drowsy in the first few hours after surgery, this is often because they are still under the influence of anaesthesia.

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